The story of Pizza Pi began in 1996 when an adventurous British family commissioned a boat named Pagan. They sailed the G.L. Watson 37 foot aluminum hull around the Mediterranean, and made it all the way across the Atlantic to the Caribbean nation of Antigua & Barbuda before a couple's quarrel ended the journey. The vessel sat on land, untouched and deteriorating for 10 years. Finally after a decade of decay, Pagan was renovated, powered with a Perkins 4.236, and motor-sailed to the British Virgin Islands. 

It was there in the BVI that the founders of Pizza Pi, Tara and Sasha, first laid eyes on the vessel and immediately knew the hull could fulfill their dream of starting a floating pizzeria. Less than a week later, in June of 2012, they were the eager new owners of Pagan. At that time, Pagan was barely seaworthy, and the interior was empty except for a pile of old boat parts. In the boatyard of Nanny Cay on Tortola, BVI, they spent most of the next two years converting the interior of the hull into a pizzeria complete with three ovens, two fridges, a fresh water maker, freezer, pizza prep station, a small bar, bathroom, and cabin that is now used to store provisions and Pizza Pi merchandise. 

Pagan was renamed Pi when she was splashed back into the sea, and sailed downwind to the island of St. Thomas. From a mooring in Christmas Cove, Pizza Pi officially opened its ovens in November of 2014, and has been serving the best pizza in the Caribbean ever since. 

The Pi founders sold the business in 2018. It briefly changed hands again in 2022, before three friends, envisioning Pizza Pi as a destination rather than just a drive through, took the helm in May of 2023. 

Chris and Katie are the current Pi owners, and are committed to maintaining a family friendly maritime dining option that reflects the funky, unique vibes of the islands, while providing guests an opportunity to better enjoy the beauty of Christmas Cove and the overall Pizza Pi experience. 

Previously, hungry boaters briefly rafted up, or passed by the dinghy drive thru, before they were on their way with fresh baked pizza (both options are still available!). With the addition of the new floats, guests can enjoy a drink with their feet in the water, or take a dip before diving into a slice of paradise, all while floating in the sea alongside Pi with family and friends, new and old. 

You can still count on the best pizza in the Caribbean, only with fresher ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible), a drink menu featuring island inspired cocktails and frozen drinks, and an enhanced venue to enjoy it all. 

We look forward to welcoming you on the water in Christmas Cove! Thank you for your support,

Chris and Katie



This midwest gal grew up in Green Bay, WI, working as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion for food and fun! On a visit to St. Thomas she knocked on the door of a cute local boy, Chris, who tricked her into moving to the island to live together on his sailboat. Just when she thought it couldn't get much crazier, they bought a floating pizzeria. With her background in nutrition and dietetics, and insatiable enthusiasm for the island community, Katie couldn't be more excited to be the full time manager and face of the operation alongside her partner and crew. 


Born and raised on St. Thomas, Chris is a unique blend of Caribbean and African roots with an unyielding passion for world travel. Chris is the proud owner of Offshore Marine and Carpe Diem Charters, where he combines his maritime expertise with a love for hospitality. Add his fondness for cooking and creating memories over meals to the equation and there couldn’t be a better man for the job! Chris is excited to bring his enthusiasm and expertise to the Pi family.